Chemicals | Films | Pure PhotopolymerTHIK Plus Film - High Density Capillary Film

  • High density Capillary film


    Light green photopolymer film thickness, solvent and water resistance for the production of thick stencil by the direct/indirect method.


    • ¬čLight green color
    • Minimal exposure time
    • Fast and easy to water development
    • Excellent resolution and edge definition
    • Ideal for ceramic, glass, electronic and textile application
    • Excellent resistance to water and solvent-based and UV-cured inks
    • Available thicknesses from 100 up to 700 microns

    Features & Benefits

    • ¬čExcellent flexibility/elasticity
    • Can be use it with excellent stencil results also in the cold countries
    • Outstanding print quality
    • Very good stencil durability
    • Perfect for high density printing

    • Technical Data Sheet

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