Printing | Equipment | Coating MachinesScoop Coating Troughs

  • Applications

    Aluminum troughs for the manual or automated coating of emulsion onto screen mesh


    • Aluminum surface will not rust or corrode when used with any emulsion type
    • Available in customizable lengths for any screen size
    • Manual model comes with two edge types for greater control
    • Automatic model can be used with any Harlacher or Q-lux automatic coater

    Features & Benefits

    • Anodized aluminum with removable side walls can be scraped mostly clean to save emulsion, then rinsed fully clean with water to maintain coating edge performance¬č
    • Manual model includes cover to protect emulsion from dust and light for extended use
    • Automatic model comes with color-coded side walls for front and back troughs, ensuring reliable, repeatable automatic results

    • Technical Data Sheet (US only)