Chemicals | Emulsions | SAATItex | Pure PhotopolymerSAATITEX PHU2

  • Applications

    All purpose solvent and water resistant photoemulsion.


    • Red one-part pure photopolymer emulsion, no mixing required
    • Approximately 4x faster than typical two part emulsion

    Features & Benefits

    • ‹47% solids content and medium viscosity, easy coating on all mesh counts
    • ‹Universally resistant: Solvent and water-based ink resistant, yet easy to reclaim
    • ‹Recommended for use with discharge inks as is, without using diazo or catalysts for stencil hardening
    • ‹Can be used with Diazo 11 when extra sharpness is required for high resolution

    • Material Safety Data Sheet (US only)

      Technical Data Sheet (US only)

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