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  • Maximum Sharpness Dualcure Graphics Emulsion


    Saatigraf HSX Blue photo-emulsion is specifically developed to enable manufacture of high quality stencils to print functional materials used during fabrication of electronic devices.


    • Blue dual-cure emulsion
    • Highly solvent resistant photoemulsion specially designed for the most demanding industrial printing applications
    • Extremely high resolution and definition for optimum microreplication
    • 37% solids content, medium viscosity
    • Optimal performance when EOM is >10 μm

    Features & Benefits

    • Excellent resolution/definition combined with smooth sidewall geometry allows clean and faithful micro-replication of highly detailed structures and designs
    • Sub-micron dual-cure technology provides optimal mesh bridging and product is designed for use with stainless steel or polyester mesh

    • Material Safety Data Sheet (US only)

      Technical Data Sheet (US only)

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