Printing | Ink | MarabuMarabu Ultrapack UVC

  • Applications

    UV curable screen printing ink designed for direct printing on containers and packaging


    • ‹Vast substrate range, very universal
    • ‹Very good water, vapor, and fill resistance
    • ‹High output from fast printing speeds
    • ‹Thixotropic formulation, easy handling
    • ‹Flexible white for tubes

    Features & Benefits

    Suitable for the following:
    • Pre-treated polyethylene HDPE /LDPE and polypropylene PP‹
    • ‹Flame-treated and non-treated PET and PETG
    • Polycarbonate PC‹
    • Rigid PVC and self-adhesive PVC films‹
    • ‹Polystyrene PS
    • Polyamide PA‹

    • Technical Data Sheet (US only)