Printing | Ink | MarabuMarabu Ultraglass UVGL

  • Applications

    UV curable screen printing ink designed for interior flat glass, hollow glass, packaging and drinking glasses


    • ‹Efficient production as no oven baking necessary
    • ‹Enormous energy, time, and space saving
    • ‹Heavy metal-free formulation
    • ‹Excellent dishwasher and further resistances

    Features & Benefits

    Suitable for the following:
    • Pre-treated flat glass for indoor use, e. g. mirrors, glass for furniture and dividers, gambling machines, etc.
    • Pre‹-treated, cold-end coated packaging glass, e.g. drinking bottles
    • Pre-treated cosmetic bottles
    • Pre-treated restaurant glass, e.g. drinking glasses, ashtrays, vases‹
    • ‹Ceramics
    • Metals
    • Anodized aluminium
    • Varnished surfaces

    • Technical Data Sheet (US only)