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Among the most demanding fabric applications are medical and diagnostic devices. SaatiCare healthcare fabrics are more than up to the task; they are the preferred choice for arterial and transfusion filters, diagnostic test kits, collection reservoirs, biopsy bags, oxygenators, and flow control devices. The precise aperture size, uniform high flow rates, and lot-to-lot consistency make SaatiCare fabrics the ideal solution for demanding healthcare applications.

SAATI medical fabrics can be tested and certified according to the following regulations:

  • USP CLASS VI TEST - USP 24/NF 19, 2000. Biocompatibility of plastics. Including Systemic Toxicity, Intracutaneous Toxicity and Implantation Tests.
  • LAL TEST - USP 24/NF. 19, 2000, Limit: 0,125 EU/ml, Pyrogen Endotoxin Test. Detects endotoxins released after the death of bacteria.
  • EXTRACTABLES - 21CFR177.1630 21CFR177.1500, Amount of extractables that can be leached from a filter during its intended use.
  • HEMOLYSIS TEST - DIN 58970, Test detecting compounds which may damage red blood cells.
  • CYTOTOXICITY TEST - ISO 10993 Part 5, Investigates whether the leachables from the material may cause cytotoxicity (death of cell) or not.

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