Filtration | FoodFlour Milling

Screening product for flour food applications including square screens, and centrifugal screens. These screens can be manufactured in either synthetic or wire cloth. Available edging treatments include heat sealed, sewn edged and polyurethane sealed edge.

Connectors for flour applications using standard materials nylon duck, victor nylon, cordura nylon, RCN, and other specialty materials. These connectors can be manufactured straight or tapered, with or without support rings, and elastic or shock in the hems. All are made custom to your specifications. These connectors can also be made with color coded tabs to help better manage inventories.

Cleaners for flour applications including sieve tray cleaners and pan cleaners. A variety of shapes and sizes are available.

Sieves used by Plansifter and Purifier Machines for the sifting of especially wheat, durum wheat and corn. Consistent Geometrical tolerances, high open area, as well as dimensional stability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion are essential to fit every flour filtration diagram.

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