Filtration | AutomotiveSCR/AdBlue® Filter

Liquid-particle separation applications in the automotive filed are more and more often requiring innovative filter medias characterized by high filtration efficiency and high particle retention capability. Among all one of the most demanding one in terms of filtration efficiency and DHC is AdBlue filtration in SCR systems.

SCR systems are very sensitive to contamination (small particles could affect the porosity of the catalyst) and poisoning (some chemicals could destroy the chemistry of the catalyst making it ineffective), for this reason also the additive used has to be very pure and clean. In order to match the requirements the system has to be provide by a dedicated filter system which could protect all the relevant system component (feed pump, dosing unit and injectors).

In order to fulfill the enhanced requirements of new generation filter system, Saati has developed a new multi layer filter media: SAATIMOTION MLM.

SAATIMOTION MLM is a multi layer filter media constituted by:

  • Woven mesh for protection enhancement
  • Thick non woven layer for depth filtration
  • Thin non woven layer as barrier


  • High stiffness: woven mesh layer grants excellent mechanical properties and an improved workability
  • High filtration efficiency: increased protection
  • High particle retention: improved capacity and lifetime duration
  • high stiffness: woven mesh layer grants excellent mechanical properties and an improved workability

Fabricated parts

  • Die cut shape
  • Laser cut shape
  • US slit ribbon
  • US double seams tubes

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