Filtration | ApplianceTumble Dryer / Washer&Dryer

The wide selection of filter ratings, high flow rates and thermal stability of SAATIdomus products allow them to be used in clothes dryers.

Our filter media stop lint in order to prevent potential malfunction of cloth dryers In addition it is possible to enhance filtration efficiency or airflow rate through customized surface treatments and/or mesh design.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth monofilament polyester fiber
  • Uniform Pore Size (50-300 μm)
  • High Open Area (2-60%)
  • Thickness (45-1100 μm)
  • Consistent Geometrical Tolerances
  • Excellent Strength and Dimensional Stability
  • High humidiy resistance
  • Precise Selective Filtration
  • Minimal Pressure Loss & High Flow Rates


  • Lint filter
  • Condenser filter
  • Lint filter for Washer & Dryer

Fabricated parts

  • Cold cut shaped parts
  • Heat cut ribbon

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