• Applications

    Industrial applications including printing of solar cells, multi-layer electronic components, medical sensors and electrode patterns for touch screen panels. It is also used to print phase-change (hot-melt) inks that require the use of heated screens.


    • Precision woven stainless steel produced in Switzerland under strict ISO 9001 certification. Ultra tight manufacturing tolerance guarantees uniformity of ink deposit during printing and precise image registration.

    Features & Benefits

    • Wide selection of different wire diameters, mesh openings, and fabric thickness results in a wide choice of specifications.
    • Each mesh count is available with a choice of wire diameters and in 304 or 316 stainless steel to enable optimum product selection.
    • BOPP AG manufactures wire in house for optimum precision and control of product quality.
    • Individual roll inspection sheets supplied upon request that list fabric thickness at every meter of roll.
    • Calendared mesh and also custom cut sheets available on request.

    • Technical Data Sheet (US only)